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Prestige Pet Resort & Spa

Luxury Pet Boarding & Grooming

Inside Shores Animal Hospital
3717 NW 13th Street, Gainesville, Florida 32609

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Prestige Pet Resort & Spa is located behind Shores Animal Hospital in Gainesville, FL. (Enter on back of building - Suite 2.)

If you are traveling out of Gainesville, let your pets have as much fun as you do when they stay at Prestige Pet Resort & Spa. You do not have to stress about your furry family members while traveling. The Prestige Pet Resort & Spa is their home away from home and provides luxury pet boarding & spa grooming services!

With spacious accommodations for cats and dogs, individual play times, cuddles from staff, as well as groomers onsite to provide spa services and the medical staff at Shores Animal Hospital available, your pet, will stay in the lap of luxury at Prestige Pet Resort & Spa.  

Prestige Pet Resort & Spa offers doggie daycare just for those dogs (and cats too!) that need to stay & play for the day in Gainesville!

We customize your pet's boarding experience based on what you feel your pet wants most - whether it is playing with our resort activities staff, balls and toys to keep occupied or cuddle time and snuggles.  

Prestige Pet Resort & Spa is your pet's vacation destination!

Prestige Pet Resort & Spa Hours

Mon-Fri: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
Sat: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
Sun: 3:00 - 5:00 pm 

Please plan for 15 minutes for the pet boarding check-in process at Prestige Pet Resort.  Save time by completing our Boarding Check-In Form.

Dog & Cat Boarding Options

Deluxe Dog Boarding Suites 36 sq ft: pictured at left

Our Deluxe Dog Boarding Suites are themed - make your reservation for your pets to go camping, see the desert, enjoy the beach, root for the Florida Gators and more! Comfy bedding and pillows included.

*3 dogs over 50 lbs max/4 dogs under 50 lbs max

* Includes 2 daily 20-minute interactive playtimes (1 in morning, 1 in afternoon)

Dog Boarding Suites 18 sq ft:

*1 dog over 30 lbs/ 2 dogs under 30 lbs max 

* Includes 2 daily 10-minute playtimes per day (1 in morning, 1 in afternoon)

Cabana Retreat in Half Pint Harbor: pictured at left

Just for our small dogs 20 lbs & under. They have their own island and zen music to keep peaceful and relaxed during their Resort experience. Comfy bedding and pillows included.

Cabanas 12 sq ft 

Bungalow 20 sq ft 


Doggie Daycare & Dog Boarding Play Area

Doggie Day Care: Just those that need to stay and play for the day!

10-day Play Packs

Includes 2 10-minute playtimes per day (1 in morning, 1 in afternoon)

48 hours notice required to ensure availability in our Doggie Daycare


Cat Cove

Prestige Pet Resort Luxury Cat BoardingCats that are boarding are kept separate from dogs to keep them calm.  The Cat Cove has large windows looking into the woods and we offer play time outside the suites on our cat trees or with our Resort Activities staff.

Cat Condo (Multi-layers with shelves & nooks): pictured at left

Cat Boarding Suite 9 sq ft

Feline Interactive 15-minute Play Session

Luxury Pet Boarding Amenities at Prestige Pet Resort & Spa: 

  • Interactive “Busy Bones and Toys” - These fun playthings have a variety of ways to keep your pet busy. They may include treats, kibble and other special goodies based on your pet’s diet. 
  • Cookie of the Day - Special treats to brighten up their day! 
  • Outdoor Nature Time - Let’s explore nature with a 15-minute stroll outside to sniff the trees, lounge in the grass or just wander aimlessly enjoying the sun. 
  • Birthday Party: For up to 6 guests including the Birthday Pup, Party playtime and Ice cream treats with a dedicated party host. Plan you pups birthday party today. 


All stays include gourmet meals of Hill's Science Diet kibble.  Owners can opt for canned food meals at an additional $3 per meal or bring their own food in prepackaged meal portions at no additional fee. No full-size bags of food to be left with pets for boarding.


Medications can be administered for a small fee.  Diabetic patients on insulin will incur an additional fee for insulin injections as needed, a physical exam and a glucose test by a veterinarian every 48 hours for the patients' safety while boarding.

Vaccine certificates from your veterinarian are required for pet boarding:

Dogs - Rabies, DA2PP (distemper/parvo), and Bordetella (kennel cough) - within 6 months
Cats - FVRCP (distemper), Rabies

If necessary, Shores Animal Hospital can provide vaccines to your pets.

All pets expected to be free of fleas & ticks.  We can discuss products from Shores Animal Hospital that are safe & effective for your pets.

Save time by completing our Boarding Check-In Form.

Prestige Pet Resort &Spa Client Testimonials

Prestige Pet Resort is like bringing my dog to stay with my closest friends. We've used doggie daycare and overnight boarding and have no worries when he is there. The professionals at Prestige Pet Resort know him and love him. That is priceless. When I come to pick him up he doesn't want to leave! He turns back around and I just know he's saying to them, "This was great! Thanks for being so nice to me. Don't look so sad that I'm leaving. I'll be back soon!"

My husband and I took a two-week trip out of Gainesville and trusted our dogs with Prestige Pet Resort. We could not have felt our pets were in better hands. The staff went above and beyond to care of our four (which one older dog requires a little more special care).We liked that they communicated with us that all was well when we asked and put us at ease on our trip. Our dogs have been going to Shores Animal Hospital for years; if there had been a need for vet services they are under the same roof with all of our pet's medical history. We highly recommend Shores Animal Hospital & Prestige Pet Resort to family and friends. If you have never been there stop by and check out the kennel and meet the experienced friendly staff.

Prestige Pet Resort & Spa offers pet grooming services - treat your pet to spa services while they stay with us!

If you are traveling out of Gainesville, or just need doggie daycare or cats to chill in our condos, let your four-legged family members stay with us! Call Prestige Pet Resort & Spa for your dog and cat boarding or spa grooming needs at (352) 505-5304 or email prestigepetresort@yahoo.com.

Check out more of our dog and cat boarding & grooming on Facebook!

New Patient Wellness Membership with $10 Co-pay - fill out form for more information

Sign-up using the form or call us at 352-372-8387 to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

Office Hours

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